Monday, June 30, 2008

About the TA Board

What We Do
We are a self-governing group of FSH residents. The Tenants’ Association (TA) was originally organized in 1999. The TA works to ensure that the voice of residents is heard and housing decisions and policies are made with input from residents. Our board members are available to you seven days a week. We will help you solve problems by sharing information with you and getting involved if your efforts alone have not solved the problem. We seek policy changes that will improve our families’ quality of life.

About The Fee
An annual $27.00 TA fee is charged to each FSH apartment every summer. The amount was approved by FSH residents in an election and can’t be increased without an election. The TA website, has our budget if you want further details.

Issues & Projects
Past Year Successes: Protective hedge near street between front of Grounds and 794 Storke Apartments, filling of large street pothole at Storke, the clearing of overgrown brush @ West Campus and near bike path between Francisco Torres and Storke to eliminate the homeless encampment and minimizing the problems connected w/ the dangers of raccoon feces.

Current Issues: Continued efforts to change the time limit for housing extensions and TA efforts to help trouble shoot the ending of the YRP Program (Youth Recreational Program) here at FSH in order for the families affected to find an alternate solution for childcare.

Future Issues: Continued efforts to change the time limit for housing extensions, dangers associated w/ raccoon feces and mold in our apartments.
For more TA information and updates on the progress of these and other issues/projects please visit our website under FAQ’s.

The 2008-2009 Board Members
Alex Walker - President

Amanda Ridge - Vice President

Nell Gamble - Treasurer/Webmaster

Cleo Lynx - Storke I Representative

Courtney Lynx - Storke II Representative

Jenny Walker - West Campus Representative

Please feel free to contact any member of the TA board via email. If you would like to submit a general comment or concern to the TA board, please send an email to the board at

Thank you.